About Me

Snehesh Shrestha I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Maryland College Park. I work in the Perception and Robotics Group (PRG) lab in the Department of Computer Science under the guidance of Prof. Yiannis Aloimonos (CS), Dr. Cornelia Fermuller (UMIACS), Dr. Irina Muresanu (School of Music), and Dr. Ge Gao (iSchool). I have also worked in the Culture Lab in the Department of Psychology under the guidance of Dr. Michelle Gelfand. Additionally, I work at NIST, developing new standards towards recommended practices for the design of human subject studies in human-robot interaction.

I am interested in multidisciplinary research aimed at building rich and intuitive experiences that amplify human abilities and empower people while ensure human understanding and control [1]. It is at the intersection of artificial intelligence, human factors, robotics, arts, and culture.  My recent works have focused on AI for education, particularly, music education, and  human-AI interaction, particularly, human-robot interaction.

[1] Shneiderman, Ben. Human-centered AI. Oxford University Press, 2022.